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Tips for culture, art
and leisure facilities
in the city of Bamberg
and its surroundings.

Enjoy the magic of the city

The Franconian Rome, as Bamberg is often affectionately referred to, has a wide range of different activities for visitors.

We can provide you with knowledgeable and expert advice, recommendations and good ideas for organising a customised city tour, for example, recommend a restaurant or book concert or theatre tickets. We always do our utmost to comply with the wishes of our guests.

The following proposals just offer a small glimpse of the possibilities to enjoy our city …

– Culture & Leisure –

  • Tourism & Congress Service

    Tourism & Congress Service

    Sights, events, gastronomy, conferences and meetings, arrival and much more.

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  • Dr. Skantze<br />KulturErlebnis Bamberg

    Dr. Skantze
    KulturErlebnis Bamberg

    Guided tours, congress- and eventorganisation.

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  • Museen der Stadt Bamberg

    Museen der Stadt Bamberg

    · Historical Museum
    · Ludwig Collection
    · Villa Dessauer

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  • Naturkunde-Museum


    A quiet extraordinary exhibition house in the building of the former Jesuit order.

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  • ETA Hoffmann Theater

    ETA Hoffmann Theater

    Current plays, the ensemble and the playing schedule.

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  • Bamberger Marionettentheater

    Bamberger Marionettentheater

    A special cultural event.

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  • nana theater

    nana theater

    Exacting theater- and music events are performed.

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  • Bamberger Symphoniker

    Bamberger Symphoniker

    extraordinary city
    extraordinary orchestra

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  • Villa Concordia

    Villa Concordia

    International House of Artists

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  • Bamberger Bahnen

    Bamberger Bahnen

    Discover the sights on a tour with the nostalgic Bamberger Bahn.

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– Festivities & Events –

  • Bamberger Dommusik

    Bamberger Dommusik

    Choir and organ concerts in Bambergs Kaiserdom.

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  • Bamberger Weinfest

    Bamberger Weinfest

    at the Maxplatz in Bamberg.

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  • Heinrichsfest


    Diocese festivity next to the cathedral.

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  • Rosengarten Serenaden

    Rosengarten Serenaden

    Classic concerts in a historic background.

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  • Bamberg zaubert

    Bamberg zaubert

    International street- and vaudeville show.

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  • Canalissimo


    Cultural festivities at the canal.

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  • Blues & Jazz Festival

    Blues & Jazz Festival

    Biggest open air festival in Germany for free.

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  • Kunst  und Antiquitäten Wochen

    Kunst und Antiquitäten Wochen

    Annual efficiency performance of the antique dealers.

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  • Sandkerwa


    Traditional fair.

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  • Zwiebeltreterfest


    Culinary and music feasts on the Böhmerwiese.

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  • Antikmarkt Bamberg

    Antikmarkt Bamberg

    One of the most beautiful antique markets.

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– Treats –

  • Greifenklau


    Brewery, restaurant, beer garden - in the franconian way - save the best from the past in combination with modern elements.

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  • Spezial Keller

    Spezial Keller

    Enjoy the nice panorama with a cooled smoked beer and the franconian cuisine.

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  • Hofbräu


    Restaurant & Bar - simple Franconian cuisine mixed with Mediterrannean and exotic elements.

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  • Eckerts


    Enjoyment on the river – Traditional dishes are reinterpreted and freshly prepared using regional and seasonal products.

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  • Restaurant Altenburg

    Restaurant Altenburg

    According to season we put together well-chosen dishes from select and fresh ingredients of the season.

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  • Weinstube Nüßlein

    Weinstube Nüßlein

    The best spot for everyone who is searching for good wine. You will enjoy the great variety of franconian wine.

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  • Weinschänke Bischofsmühle

    Weinschänke Bischofsmühle

    We will invite you to classics, extraordinary treats or just a simple supper.

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  • Café am Dom

    Café am Dom

    Chocolate truffles, pralines, chocolate, freshly baked cakes and tarts, wedding cakes, short cakes and petit fours.

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  • Café Riffelmacher

    Café Riffelmacher

    High quality cakes & pastries based on traditional recipes and made with the best Franconian products.

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– Shopping tips –

  • Antiquariat Lorang

    Antiquariat Lorang

    The Lorang is offering an impressive variety of old and rare books some with price reduction.

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  • Obstmarkt No. 6

    Obstmarkt No. 6

    Cosmetics, fragrances, accessories, paperblanks, Willow tea - the best for all senses.

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  • Feldbaum


    Jewelery, presents, decoration and ideas for living. The shop with the sloping door at the old town hall.

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  • Seife & mehr

    Seife & mehr

    Our fragrances, oils, lotions, candles should stimulate all your senses.

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  • Confiserie Storath

    Confiserie Storath

    By using only the best ingredients for the chocolate production we will sweeten your every day live.

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  • Licht + Design

    Licht + Design

    Nice bits and bobs for the senses.

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  • vom Fass

    vom Fass

    Vinegars, oils, licors, schnaps, grappas, cognac, whiskey and wines from Germany and Europe.

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– Others –

  • Die Burgenstraße

    Die Burgenstraße

    Make a time travel.

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  • Lebensart genießen

    Lebensart genießen

    in and around Bamberg.

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  • Altenburgverein Bamberg

    Altenburgverein Bamberg

    The Altenburg - a famous sight of the world heritage.

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  • Flussparadies Franken

    Flussparadies Franken

    Promotion of the tourism in this area.

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  • fernwege.de


    Hiking portal – Europe.

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